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Our produced briquettes technical specifications

Pressed sawdust briquettes
Production of briquettes, do not use any chemical additives, glue or other additives.
RUF briquettes are a classic type of fuel for heating boilers, furnaces and fireplaces. Wood sawdust briquette fuel - an economical, environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly fuel.

Specialists estimate by burning wood fuel briquettes leaving much less tar and ash, and is at least twice as calorific than firewood. Because of the low sulfur content using wood sawdust briquettes less need to clean the chimney, boiler, furnace or fireplace.
* Wholesale: boot bags on pallets for transportation and aptraukiame film. We can offer very large quantities of blocks of supply.

Technical specifications for wood briquettes:
Energy: ~ 18 MJ / kg
Ash: typically 0.3 to 0.5%
Moisture: <8%

One of the RUF briquette size: 15x9x6 cm
Conformity with DIN 51731 norm.
Standard packaging - 10 kg bags (12 blocks).
One pallet - 96 bags (960 kg).

Wood briquettes Advantages
- Only one ton of wood briquettes replace five cubic meters of firewood. Blocks and is very convenient for storage and use.
- Just imagine, one tonne of briquettes is around 1 m2 room. Instead of an amorphous pile of wood landed in the middle of the yard, which still need to collect and put in the woodshed, you will receive a regular on the pallet wood sawdust briquettes.
- Long burning time. Sawdust briquettes burn three to four times longer than ordinary wood! This means that the load of fuel into the oven needs to be considerably less.
- Sawdust briquettes produce two times more heat than normal wood. Their calorific value is almost equal energy value of coal. In addition, they provide a total of constant temperature during combustion, and burns with a minimal amount of smoke, did not shoot, non-sparking.
- Sawdust briquettes burning, still 0.5% ash, which can be used as an excellent fertilizer. By comparison, coal, produce up to 40% ash and slag, which still must be disposed of because they are unsuitable for anyone.
- Burning sawdust briquettes does not have any harmful volatile substances. Thus, the blocks are one of the most environment-friendly fuels.
- When using sawdust briquettes, boilers, fireplaces and shoulder cleaning and maintenance costs significantly reduced, and equipment service life much longer.

• heating costs are usually much lower than with traditional wood or coal.

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