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Wood pellets technical specification

Our produced pellets technical characteristics

Pellets produce from coniferous wood, which is chipped, dried and formed into 6 or 8 mm diameter rod. Producing pellets, do not use any chemical additives, glue or other additives. Quality compliant with DIN Plus standard. Wood pellet fuel - an economical, environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly fuel. Specialists estimate wood fuel pellets is easily ignited, combustion results leave very little ash and tar, and is at least twice as calorific than firewood. Because of the low sulfur content of wood pellets with less need to clean the chimney, boiler, furnace or fireplace.

Technical specifications for wood pellets:
Energy: ~ 18 MJ / kg
Ash: ~ 0,5% (DIN + gives you 0.7%)
Humidity: ~ 5%
Density ~ 650 kg / m³

Packed in 15 kg, 25 kg bags and 1000 kg and 1100 kg bags. Bags loaded on pallets, wrapped in film.

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